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  jon bailey [freestyle furioso|analogue city]  

Jon Bailey is a gift from heaven for the Viennese party crowd. Hailed from the shores of Albion, Jon soaked up the big beat and electro experimentation scene in his home town Brighton. Putting the real in rocker from sneaker toe to baseball cap, Mr. Bailey is the captain of his own ship, sailing the sea of uptempo psychedelic grooves,
having shocked the monkey alongside Andrew Weatherall of “Two Lone Swordsmen” pride. He can push the button in that special place inside the warm lounging room called “brain” and he will pull the lever to many more memorable parties on the continent. You know why? Because he is a passionate Liverpool supporter and draws his love for shifting your mood into cheerful wavelengths from the echoing green of the football field and takes it back to the club like Peter Crouch brings the leather home.


Photo by Tanya Traboulsi