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  trixta [freestyle furioso|werk/statt/norm]  

Trixta is a yogi and music is just another form of meditation to him. Melodies that stick like Velcro and a bass drum that covers it up like Gore-Tex. Together with his partner Dj Slick he runs the “Resolut Records” Store > Before that, back in 1997, he co-founded the “Electronic Groovement” Party Posse in St. Pölten. His sets are prosperous gardens, blooming with electro clash wildflowers, minimalist bamboo forests and fractured blossoms of memorable pop-orchids. Trixta has engineered the bio atmosphere at the Flex, Fluc, Blue Box, Hannahs Plan, Rhiz, Schauspielhaus, Gartenbaukino, Künstlerhauspassage, B72................ with the likes of Romanova, Les Georges Leningrad, Mathew Jonson, John Spring, Alex Smoke, Frank Martiniq, Rene Breitbart, Sascha Funke, Paul Kalkbrenner, Benjie, db, Microthol, Curd Duca, Patrick Pulsinger, Alex is my Bro, Alois Huber and Manuva of the Supercity Sound System.

Photo by Tanya Traboulsi