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  spondaniel aka skape [freestyle furioso]  

Spondaniel is a soul ninja and half of the renowned duo Dubnium. Living under a sky lit roof in Vienna’s third district with his records and turntables, Daniel’s life is about dedication to the Message and the zen approach to the rawest and most refined hiphop workouts released on vinyl. A monk under the spiritual spell of jazz infused club music, Mr. spondaniel knows his Art Farmer from the Café Latte crowd’s latest low-on-calories compilation. Always in time and never in stress, one thing is for sure with him: lots of fatness in the lower frequency regions, uplifting vibraphone lines and overwhelming soul refrains.
locations: arena, flex, wuk, kunsthalle, cafe leopold, hinterzimmer, bach, quartier21, donau, couchuc, rhiz, deli/naschmarkt, s-bar/schauspielhaus, mq-summer/winter sounds, fluc, schikaneder, volksgarten pavillon, wirr, club-u...

Photo by Tanya Traboulsi