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  jim hawkinz [freestyle furioso]  

When confronted with electronic dance music for the first time in his early teens, Jim Hawkinz recognized the utmost importance of Djs in a successful party. Driven by the sound revolution early house tracks brought with them when they swept over the Atlantic, he began buying records at the age of 15 and at the same time sneaking into smoky clubs to watch his new found idols at work. At that time the style most sought-after were either house tracks from Detroit and Chicago or renditions of old disco classics at house speed. More and more into scene and sound, Jim Hawkinz soon discovered setbacks in his love for house when he witnessed the commercial drive the formerly underground house community underwent. Consequently he stopped buying dance-records for some time and left the tight boundaries both in space and style of Salzburg behind. Moving to Vienna, it was there where he got back into his love for buying and working with the “black gold”, although the concentration on house music was more or less lost when he began searching for the originals sampled by modern dance and hiphop music and consequently digging for the original soul, funk and disco breaks as his alter ego is digging on treasure island. Further, the massive wave of electronic up- and downtempo breakbeats hit him and his record collection grew constantly as did the diversity of his DJ-sets ranging now from soul, funk and disco tunes to hiphop, up-&downbeat and drum&bass tracks and even the odd rock anthem. No doubt a true freestyler Jim Hawkinz unbashfully incorporates the vastness of his collection into his eclectic sets.


Photo by Tanya Traboulsi