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  moogly [freestyle furioso]  

Moogly, like his namesake from Kipling’s “Junglebook”, is at home in the wilderness (in his case Bad Vöslau, an hour’s drive south of Vienna…). Out there he enjoys all imaginable kinds of organic pastimes: Raising his kid, cooking the stew, feeding the dub. One more example of how mutually inspiring it can be to work both as a dj and a chéf. Musically he mixes massive big beat with twisted breaks, yummiest hip hop with reggae roots, all that spiced up with fingerlickin’ rock’n roll riffs. This boy was brought up with some funky mother’s milk and has been running with our pack of wolves since the very beginning.
On Austria’s alternative radio station Fm4 he already got airplay with his fresh break-beat canto “Out of Control” (feat. Lioba) and made it among the Top Three in the Tosca Remix Contest with his “Way of The Dragon” – style, power play version of the track “Busenfreund”.

Styles: Breaks, Big Beat, Hip Hop, Downbeat, Rock, D & B, Reggea, .....

Played @ Flex, Arena, Kunstwerk (Musikmaschine), Club U, Couchuc, Wirr, Club Massiv; Donau, Hinterzimmer, Birdland, Cafe Leopold, Schikaneder, Ravens Corner (Baden),....


Photo by Tanya Traboulsi