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  simonside [freestyle furioso]  

Simonside grew up snowboarding and drinking lots of hot chocolate with his friends ( in the Tyrolean mountains and loves rock n’roll, kung fu soundtracks, dub reggae, jazzy hip hop, funky electronic grooves and straight house music from sole to soul and back again. He praises Ital Caribbean cooking, has travelled extensively in North America, Britain, France and in the Mediterranean. A student of philosophy and working as a freelance writer, he likes lots of multilingual vocab, rhymes of simple wisdom and twisted stories in his mix. For him, spinning is travelling the world in stereo and connecting people not only by the sound but also by the word. One flow, lots of bass, some scratches. Enjoyed warming up for or playing with DJ Intim, LPJ Tube, Chillinger SR, WAZ exp., Tom Strauch (switchstance rec.), Rainer Klang (klein records), Wolf and Shantisan (salted soul), George Lamelle (kaufleutenclub zürich), Fräulein G. (female:pressure), DJ Zuzee (waxolutionists), DJ Beware (Fm4 - unlimited), d. schärf (café leopold), bionic kid, slack hippy and b.t.o. spider.


Photo by Tanya Traboulsi