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  fightex [freestyle furioso]  

In the real world, Stefan is a gentleman and a prince of peace, camouflaged by his nom de guerre “fightex”. Wisely enough, he is not fighting against but only for something. Passionate music, altered vibrations and clear communication within the Furioso Crew and letting the world know about our vinyl turning activities most of all. So, respect to our man fightex!
If Freestyle Furioso were a b-boy body, he would be its spine. And it’s a funky one and puts a smile on the freestyler’s face. Stefan’s own face is mostly brightened up by a smile that speaks silently of old school positivety and displays a “no problems – only solutions” attitude, which guides him through his excellently exalted club journeys which started in “Café Europa Hinterzimmer” – the original breeding chamber of our placid pitch pirates - back in the days.
Since 3 years now he is hosting the monthly café furioso at espresso, a place which fits perfectly the freestyle attitude, and at the moment establishes an afternoon delight including live performances of ff-friends at mon ami, check it out!

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Photo by Tanya Traboulsi